Elyess Ghanem, "Firehouse Design", is an award-winning art director and graphic
designer located in Houston,Texas. "Firehouse Design" was founded in Dallas, Texas
in 1997. After a decade of helping start-ups and fortune 500 companies he moved
to Los Angeles to broaden his spectrum.  After a decade of experience in Los Angeles
being an actor and performing in front of the camera, "Firehouse Design" moved its
 practice back to its native roots, Houston Texas. Elyess has brought to Houston an
 array of specialties from around the nation. "Firehouse Design" implements
conceptual design with the emphasis on marketing, branding, print design, web
 design and photography. "Firehouse Design" wants to merge with you, the client,
to develop a relationship that is long lasting and constantly building.
Please feel free to call for more information or to set up a meeting.
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6668 Westwick Drive, Houston, Texas 77072  818.749.4669  elyess@me.com  Copyright © 2012 Elyess Ghanem.  All right reserved.